About Bethany

Bethany Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. We are located at 1000 North Grand Street in Eldon, Missouri.  As the people of God gathered together in this place, we have an important mission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community, and to perform acts of mercy and service in the world. We welcome you to worship with us on Sunday Mornings. Our Divine Service is at 9am and Bible Class/Sunday School is at 10:15 am.  Hope to see you soon, and remember, you have a Friend at Bethany!

Bethany Lutheran Church – 1000 North Grand – 573-392-4603

6 thoughts on “About Bethany

  1. Hello, my name is Steve, I was a drummer on a praise team for 7 years, since then I have had a couple of physical ailments that has limited that, I have accumulated a ton of percussion, 38 pieces, drums,cymbals,bells, chimes, gong, tambourine and more, all in showroom condition, I need to sell these for various medical expenses, if you or anyone you know could use this huge set of instruments please contact me or pass this note along, thank you very much for any help you can give!

  2. Hello,

    My name is Cheryl Hanson and I was wondering if you could put me on your prayer list.

    I have some medical issues that have caused me to be very anxious and having panic attacks. The anxiety and panic attacks have made it hard for me to function and sleep.

    In asking God what to do,one of my first thoughts was asking for fellow Christians to pray for me. Please also send me any bible verses or quotes that you may feel will help.

    anxiety and panic relief
    christian support systems
    the right doctors for medical and mental
    Thanks for your prayers,


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