We Believe

As Lutherans we believe …

Since the fall of Adam and Eve into sin, all people are born alienated from God, separated from the source of life and joy and peace, and on their own they are helpless to do anything about it.

Nevertheless, through his totally undeserved love, God has had compassion on the human race and sent his One and Only Son into our own flesh and blood, to win forgiveness of sins and eternal salvation for all who believe.

Jesus Christ won this forgiveness of sins for all people by his life of perfect love and by his suffering and death on the cross. His resurrection was God the Father’s public proclamation that His Son’s sacrifice was accepted and that it is available for all!

This salvation, won by Jesus Christ upon the cross, is bestowed on us through God’s appointed means: the preaching of the Gospel, and the administration of the Sacraments – Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. Through these means God the Holy Spirit is at work, providing and strengthening the faith to accept the joyful salvation that our God gives.

This salvation is the cause of great joy for believers as they experience the amazing love that God has for them, as well as the blessed hope that it gives: a loving heavenly Father, an eternal home in heaven, a place at our Father’s table for all eternity, the healing of all earthly sorrows, and a joyful reunion with all believers in Christ.

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