Believing Is Seeing

The world around us often tries to tell us that “seeing is believing”, especially for those of us in the “Show Me” State. But what we find in the Scriptures is that, from God’s perspective, “believing is seeing”.

The Christians in Rome to whom Mark wrote His Gospel were being persecuted, and were undergoing all kinds of trials and tribulations. They thought. ” If only we could go back to the good old days when Jesus was alive and the Apostles were around. If only we could have been there, then it would be alot easier for us to believe.” But the truth is, and what Mark’s Gospel shows, is that that it never was easy to be a believer or a follower of Jesus. It was hard for those original twelve to believe, let alone those of us who have come hundreds or even thousands of years later. The point is that it’s not up to us to have such a great faith in God, but rather it is a great God who has given us faith to believe through His Word. It is and always has been about believing God’s Word and receiving His grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

When it comes to our God – seeing isn’t believing – believing is seeing. “Blessed are those who believe even though they do not see.”

“Believing Is Seeing”  ( A Lenten Series on the Passion of Christ in the Gospel of Mark)

2/22 – “The Final Word” (Ash Wednesday),  2/29 – “It’s Not About You”,    3/7 – “Seeing In The Dark”,   3/14 -“God’s Plan Fulfilled In Weakness”    3/21 – “God’s Yes”,  3/28 – “I’ll Show You”,   4/1 – “The Parade” (Palm Sunday),  4/5 – “The Passover” (Holy Thursday),  4/6 – “The End (Good Friday),  4/8 – “The Beginning” (Easter Sunday)

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