Many people look forward to spring break this time of year, especially if a vacation or special trip is being planned. How wonderful for us to have such a gracious God, who provides us with an annual springtime journey that is well planned, totally paid for, and more rewarding than any trip you’ll ever take!

This special trip is a Journey with Jesus during Holy Week. It is a seven day all expenses paid trip that starts on Palm Sunday, continues through Holy Thursday and Good Friday, and culminates on Easter Sunday morning. How can you afford this epic journey? Your trip is already paid for! The One who paid your fare also made it possible for you to be included on this annual voyage of a lifetime. And there’s more! He is also your Host on this journey. He will travel with you each day to make sure you get everything promised in the journey’s package. Are you ready now to receive the details from Your gracious Host, so you can get onboard?

Welcome to the annual observance of Holy Week, brought to you by the Christian Church on earth. Your host is none other than Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Savior of the world, the Eternal Word, the Second Person of the Trinity, the one true God. This journey is one of the oldest in history, dating back nearly 2,000 years, so it is well planned and well tested. Your Host promises that this journey cannot fail – even the gates of hell cannot ruin this wonderful trip! Your fare was paid for centuries ago when Jesus Himself first went on this same journey, blazing the trail that we can now joyfully follow. From His own baptism and temptation in the wilderness, to His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, to the upper room of the last supper, to the cross, and finally to the tomb, Jesus paid the price for all of us to take this journey as well. Much of the landscape has changed, but since He has gone before us, He has made these pathways of our journey safe and secure.

He will meet you when you come onboard on Palm Sunday. He will be present in all the Divine Services this week, by the work of the Holy Spirit through the means of grace as He deepens your faith, refreshes your spirit, and guides you in the joyful obedience of discipleship. You will receive such great gifts and blessings on this journey. You will be overwhelmed at how your Host makes this meaningful for you, as you receive hope, healing, comfort, and strength in preparation for the grand finale on Easter morning.

By the end of long vacations and trips, people usually experience fatigue. But on your Holy Week journey, you will grow stronger and be ready for the great and final climax of this experience. What special places in history we find ourselves! On Palm Sunday we are brought into ancient Jerusalem on at the most festive time of Passover. Our Host hands the children palm branches to wave as we are included in the narrative of the greatest story ever told. On to Holy Thursday and Good Friday, to continue the divine drama through these wonderful times and places of Holy Week, taking us on an emotional roller coaster ride, even though we already know how the journey ends at the empty tomb in victory on Easter morning! All aboard for the journey of a lifetime!

Holy Week Worship Schedule at Bethany

3/24   Palm Sunday   “Facing the Road”    9am
3/28   Holy Thursday “Facing Denial”        7pm
3/29   Good Friday     “Facing Death”        7:30pm
3/31   Easter Sunday “Facing the Future”  7am & 9am
Breakfast at 8am, Easter Egg Hunt at 10:30am

Join us at Bethany for Holy Week this year as we come face to face with Jesus and His Cross.


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