Walk To Bethlehem

This fall we are joining other congregations across the country in the “Walk To Bethlehem”, a program designed to increase the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of those who participate. This imaginary trip is accomplished by church members logging their own walking (running, swimming, biking, etc) miles each week. Our church’s goal will be 6,600 miles by Christmas, which is roughly the distance from Eldon to Bethlehem. We have almost 3 months to complete the journey – from October to December.

Join us at Bethany as we exercise our bodies physically and spiritually this fall on our way to Bethlehem. Whether it be walking, running, cycling, working out, or cleaning house – if you trek it, we’ll track it. Choose your mode of exercise, log your own time and miles, and then turn in your numbers each week. (2000 steps or 20 minutes of activity equals a mile.) We will provide a notebook for you to keep track, as well as devotional materials and resources along the way. Together we’ll strive to complete the journey from Eldon to Bethlehem by Christmas.

May the Lord bless our journey together!


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