God’s Greater Story

“God’s Greater Story”  –  A Summer Series from the Book of Romans

There are a multitude of stories and beliefs out there in our world today. The more stories you hear, the more you realize that there are almost as many stories of belief as there are people believing them! Belief becomes just a fragmentary collection of experiences in the world.

Enter … another story. A greater story … a Grand Story that forms and informs all other stories … the Story of God’s salvation and redemption for all people through His Son, Jesus Christ the Lord.

In his Epistle to the Romans, the Apostle Paul doesn’t just write about His own personal belief or his own spiritual journey. He is writing about God’s work among His people in the world, a great and powerful work of salvation that includes all nations and that extends for all time. Paul shares with the Romans and with us “God’s Greater Story”.

Join us at Bethany for this Summer Series from the Book of Romans.


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