Let My People Go

Image result for exodus let my people go

“Let My People Go”  –  The Book of Exodus For Lent

In the book of Exodus, God reveals to us who He is through His absence and His presence, His silence and His speech, His wrath and His mercy, His law and His grace. In doing so, Exodus paints a beautiful picture of Jesus for us.

Join us on Wednesday evenings during Lent – 5:30 Supper, 7pm Service.

3/6    –  A Lot With a Little
3/13  –  Here I Am
3/20  –  Just Trust Me
3/27  –  Living Water
4/3    –  Mine!
4/10  –  The Pit of Despair
4/14  –  The Beginning … or the End? (Palm Sunday)
4/18  –  Unlimited Access (Holy Thursday)
4/19  –  Lamb of God (Good Friday)
4/21  –  Against All Odds (Easter Sunday)

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