Pandemic Plan

During this time of uncertainty regarding the coronavirus pandemic, here is what we will be doing at Bethany:

– Proclaiming hope in the midst of suffering because Jesus is our Crucified and Risen Lord and Savior.
– Praying for those who are affected, and also for the leaders of our nation.
– Encouraging people who feel sick to stay home and listen to the Lutheran Hour.
– Placing a bottle of hand sanitizer in the narthex to use as you enter or leave church.
– Not shaking hands for a period of time until we are advised otherwise.
– Leaving bulletins on a stand in the sanctuary for you to pick up yourself.
– Sharing updates through email, facebook, and website.

It is in times like these when the Church has opportunity to be a light in the darkness. It is a great time to show the world how we put our faith and trust in God while also submitting to the governing authorities. We know from God’s Word that all things work out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. God is in control, and He will continue to provide all that we need for body and soul to life eternal.

The peace of the Lord be with you.


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