Kairos Christmas

Time is a gift from God. God has created space and time for His creation to reside. God gives boundaries, borders, beginnings, endings, days, weeks, months, years.

Yet God exists outside the boundaries of time and space. God is eternal, enduring, and unchanging. He is wholly other – as the unmoved mover.    

Since we are bound to the borders of this world, we struggle to understand the idea of eternity. We can become confused trying to comprehend God’s plans and purposes.

Out of the dilemma of this divine mystery, God has chosen to act decisively in space and time. He bridged the gap between heaven and earth by sending His one and only Son, who willingly took on flesh and the limits of time in order to redeem us for all eternity.

During the Advent and Christmas season this year, we will discover that it is in the incarnation of God’s only begotten Son, that Kairos and Chronos finally become one.

“Kairos Christmas”

11/27 – The Time Has Come

11/30 – The Hour of Power

12/4  – The Hope of the World

12/7  – This is the Day

12/11 – The Church’s Song

12/14 – The Year of Jubilee

12/18 – The God Who is There

12/24 – The Light of the World

12/25 – The Incarnate One

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